5N + Sigma 30mm = terrific social camera.

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Re: Sigma 30mm/19mm or Sony 30mmf3.5 /50mmf1.8

DtEW wrote:

rohizzle121 wrote:

i wanted to use my camera in similar places. is the price difference worth it?

Well, I think both Sigmas and the SEL50F18 will work. I'm not quite so sure about the SEL30F35.

IMHO, a good social lens needs to do well wide-open to make most of the little light that is available in most bars, clubs and restaurants. Doing well means that it resolves well for your given intent. For me and the way I compose, it generally means that the wider the FoV, the less likely I will place interesting elements right in the middle (also, there might be a higher number of interesting elements to deal with). So edge sharpness is more important the lower the FL goes. The Sigma 30 hits that mark better than the SEL30F35, and the Sigma 19 will probably hit that mark better than the SEL16F28.

Also, OSS is great for giving you more leeway to stop down to hit your "sweet spot", but it doesn't help if you subject isn't static.

Thank you so much for your reply. Yeah i was planning on using my lens at bars/concert. i was planning on getting the SEL50F18 and one sigma lens. Which sigma lens would be less redundant? Thanks

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