I must be missing something

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I must be missing something

Hi there,

This is my first post on this forum. I've been lurking around for some while since I became interested in the nex; I've always used a point and shoot canon ixus 1000hs, which I really liked. I managed to make some nice shots with it, but seeing all those great sharp photos on this forum, I realized the compromises the little ixus makes just cannot compete with a specialized lens and a proper sensor.

So I made the decision to buy a Nex C3 with the 16mm and the 18mm kit lens.

When I first tried it out I really liked the extra fov the 16mm provided, loved the portrait photos I could take with nice bokeh, and I found the lowlight performance was excelent... yay!

The next day I tried shots I usually do; In bright day/sunlight, landscape and scenery type of shots. This was a big disappointment, I couldn't really see a big difference between the nex and the ixus. I thought it was because of my lack of knowledge of photography, so I bought "The complete guide to sony's nex systems" by G. L. Friedman. I read all about the various settings and how they affect image quality, like keeping iso as low as possible if there is enough light (only using it to compensate for fast shutterspeeds in low light), setting the aperture to control bokeh, stopping it down to achieve greater sharpness, enabling peaking to make sure what is in focus, metering modes etc.

Armed with this knowledge I tried again, but I've become only more frustrated!

I don't see any (justifyable) difference between a quick shot from my ixus and a carefully tuned shot from my nex!

Take a look at these:

First one is shot manually with the nex 18-55mm, I stopped the lens down to f8 to make sure it's sharpest possible and adjusted the exposure compensation to my liking

The second one is form the ixus.

I had expected that the nex would be much sharper when cropping details, but it's not much sharper than the ixus! How can this be, the camera setup is physically 4x as big as the ixus, and so is it's price!

Am I doing something wrong, is my kit-lens at fault, or is this result to be expected (for this type of scenery & lightning)?

Please help!


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