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Re: According to Epson...

We have Joules, very apt in the photography world as it's how you measure the power of your flash pack!

John Wi Hall wrote:

Jules wrote:

Do you do metric in Canda, or are you still lumbered with Imperial?

We do better than that, Jules,
we buy 19mm plywood in 4' x 8' sheets.

When I still lived in Britain we went Metric - almost.

But plumbing was a horror story, trying to solder 19mm fittings to 3/4" pipe, or v/v.

One way was too loose so the solder ran out, the other way it looked like the fitting & pipe should fit, but they couldn't.

BTW we also have many "Jules" here in The Great White North,
but ours are either Jewels (several Diamond mines)
or Joules (from our vast Natural Gas deposits, i.e. stewed Dinosaurs).

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