Canon 60 f/2.8 vs. 50 f/1.8

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Re: Canon 60 f/2.8 vs. 50 f/1.8

I have both the 50 f/1.8 and 60 f/2.8 Macro. This is my experience.

The 50 f/1.8 was my main portrait lens, mostly for the wide aperture (bokeh) and low-light shooting. I shot a lot using this lens only. The auto-focus is slow (and loud), and hit-and-miss (20% miss). But when it hits, it's sharp!

After I got the the 17-55 f/2.8, I pretty much stopped using the 50 f/1.8, unless I'm shooting in really low-light environment and not using flash.

Then I got the 60 f/2.8 Macro because I wanted to do some macro photography. This lens is so razor-sharp, it's ridiculous! It nicely doubles as a macro and portrait lens. I now use it for some of the detailed beauty shots.

The 50 f/1.8 now sits in the bag, except for the 1% of the time that I shoot low-light no-flash.

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