Cameta Camera Return Policies

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Their return policy is clearly listed on their website

geoffmalter wrote:

Anyone here have real world experience returning a camera to Cameta? I have never used them, and I'm getting ready to buy my first 4/3. I think I know what I want. My concern is the number of shutter accuations they allow on new gear and will still take it back if I find I would prefer another 4/3 camera/model. I know B&H allows up to 200 accuations, but when I called Cameta their customer service were very ambiguous about what is acceptable to them. Thanks in advance for your help.

If you follow through with a purchase from Cameta, then print out their return policy as well, and make sure to use a credit card for your purchase. That way, if you need to return the item to Cameta, and Cameta fails to follow through with their clearly stated and posted return policy, you can always have the credit charge disputed.

Personally, my one and only experience with Cameta was via an eBay auction purchase several years ago, and I was forced by Cameta to call them directly to complete the purchase transaction. It was for a simple lens adapter for a Fuji s7000. When I called them to pay for my eBay auction, they tried to up-sell me on all sorts of other items. Very annoying to say the least. In addition, they sent me the adapter in the wrong color (silver instead of black, and it was the black one that I had bid on and won on eBay), which they refused to trade out for the right color when I called them on it. Never have done business with them again.

That being said, as long as you have proof of their clearly posted return/refund policy, and you abide by that policy to the letter, and you use a credit card for your purchase, then there's no real reason to be too worried about buying from Cameta. In most cases, and with most reputable credit card companies, as long as you follow the rules, and act in good faith when you make purchases using your credit card, then the odds are in your favor when it comes to disputing purchases.

Good luck!


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