Elinchrom Skyport works OK

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Re: Elinchrom Skyport works OK

Hi Bak,

While many company's offer a hotshoe with cable to connect to the Skyport, 'm a fan of the FlashZebra cables. You'll find the one you need here. http://flashzebra.com/products/0126/index.shtml

BAK wrote:

For Christmas I reeived a Photoflex radio trigger set.

Once I got it out of the box, it seemed like a piece of junk and I took it back to the store. Replaced wit with a Cactus set.

The Cactus set, for reasons I can't understand, worked OK with my Canon 5809EX but would not work with my Dynalites. It somehow broke the Dynalite power pack, which cost $200 torepair.

Got a store creditwhen I returned the Cactus.

Last week bought a Elinchrom Skyport. Because the Dynalite has a household plug style connector for the sync cord, I also bought a Poscket Wizard household plug cord.

Instructions are badly written, confusing with various instructions for different Elinchrom models, but anyway, it works.

DOWNSIDE: the Cactus receiver has a hotshoe that would accept the Canon 580EX flash, setting it off wirelessly (fully manual, no e-TTL) and there's no similar ability ont he Elinchrom.

So to use the Elinchrom with the 580EX I need to buy a slave shoe, that will plug into the Elinchrom receiver. So far, slave shoes I've seen are $80 and $70.

I also bought a 3 meter imitation Canon off camera shoe cord, (Lastolite) and that works semi-fine with my 580EX. The 580EX won't slip into the hotshoe socket of tghe cord, but it does fit into a genuine Canon off camera cord, and the other end of the Canon cord fits into the Lastolie cord, so that's my workaround, and the coil of the Canon genuine cord gives me a little give and take to reduce danger of knocking over a light stand.

Since I still have the left over store credit, my plan is to use it to buy an Appolo Orb softbox and use it with the 3 meterLastolight cord.

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