OM-D E-M5 Interface Niggles

Started May 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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texinwien Senior Member • Posts: 3,320
OM-D E-M5 Interface Niggles

I'm mostly very happy with my new camera, but I've come across a couple of interface-related issues that are less than perfect. Could be that I've overlooked the correct settings. If you know how to fix any of these, let me know.

1. Can't assign all functions to all buttons. I have no idea why I can't assign ISO to Fn1, for instance. I get the feeling I can rely on auto ISO most of the time, but it would be nice to have a quick way to take control of it in aperture priorty mode, other than via the SCP. ISO would be a perfect fit for Fn1, since it's not the easiest button to hit with your eye on the EVF. I'm using Fn2 for multifunction (mostly for magnification) and the record button for AFL/AEL, since it's likely that I'll need these two functions more often than ISO.

2. Autofocus area isn't adjustable. I understand the magnification workaround, but it's a less than perfect implementation. If I have the magnification box showing, I can't see shadows and highlights or the level. I'm almost certain that the smaller focus area set in magnification is ignored if the magnification box isn't showing on the screen (have read other reports that this is the case, but haven't verified independently yet). I can lock autofocus with the magnification box on the screen, then hit OK to see the other info, but this a bit of a pain, and it means I have to re-enable magnification before I focus for my next shot - too many buttons to press here.

3. Bracketing. I'm still waiting for someone smarter than I am to figure out how to quickly turn bracketing on and off.

4. I'd like a quick way to switch in and out of AF-Lock mode. I'm working with AF mode 3 at the moment, with the record button doing AF. This is great when I have time to set up shots, but it's not all that great for more action-oriented shots. It would be nice to be able to quickly switch AF-Lock on and off.

Seems like 1-3 and maybe even 4 could be addressed with firmware updates. 3 and 4 are probably also candidates for MySets.

In the meantime, these are just minor annoyances that I'm more than happy to work around, since I love pretty much everything else about this camera.

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