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The first photo is front lit with a 24x36 softbox that is very close to his face. I pulled it far enough forward to I got a little spill of light on his eye are the shadow side. I had a reflector on the shadow side, but it only provided a little fill -- most is a reflection from the background, which was lit with two stripboxes hitting a pop-up white fabric background. Einsteins were used for all lights. In post, I cranked up clarity, contrast, and sharpening, and pulled down the saturation -- don't remember how I got the color's either color temp adjustments or I used a sepia preset. I shot the photo with his face centered and created the extra white space in photoshop.

For the second, I used a lot more lighting. I have 2 gridded strip boxes at the back corners just out of the frame to provide the side lighting. Main light is a 22" beauty dish overhead on a boom -- feathered somewhat. I had been using a canon 580exII as a front fill light, too, but I don't remember if I was still using it in this shot. Everything but the main beauty dish was set to very low output. This is the first time I've used that many light sources or boomed a light, so I just adjusted things until I arrived at this look. In post, I bumped up clarity some, reduced vibrance and added a vignette.

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