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Re: Don't take criticism personally

Of course, the best criticism is constructive criticism, but not everyone is good at that.

Very true, and I think the heart of so many grudge matches here. I'll offer a personal experience.

I once posted a photo asking why the metering came out so bad. I was expecting some tips on how to better handle that lighting condition, etc. one reply I got was something like, it's a bad photo. Not helpful I thought, and soon shortly it erupted into a tiff. The poster later clarified that he meant that it's not a good idea to try to compose the photo in the extreme lighting conditions I was aiming for. Now that feedback has some value, and taking the time to write four complete sentences instead of "bad photo" would have saved us all time in the long run, and kept the conversation on track. In disconnected posts, we have to take the extra step to convey our intent in the tone, or it is too easily misconstrued.

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