Why Aren't My Prints Looking Like Ektacolor Type-C Prints?

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Richard MRH
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Re: Why Aren't My Prints Looking Like Ektacolor Type-C Prints?

Hi bud,

Firstly, I own a photo lab catering for snappers(pros and amateurs) from all walks of life, and of varying abilities.

Having been involved with printing since mid 70s I have seen many changes, but I would wholeheartedly agree with you that there is nothing to touch the look of a well printed wet print from film capture. Digital is good, but it still aint that good.

However, digital and film are totally different mediums and as such they should be treated differently, and our expectations should be different. In much the same way as in the old days, slide & neg gave very different results, but both had their place within the industry.

Probably 90% of my customers are fully digital, and prob 99% of all prints I make are done on wet process equipment. Now, coming from a high quality printing background I made the decision back in 2003 that I would try to have my equipment set up so that pro work would be as near 'film like' as possible. Obviously I have other settings that are used that give the more normal digital feel where the images are razor sharp, highly saturated and of high contrast for those photographers who want their images to look digital.

Unfortunately for the home printer like yourself, inkjets will give a print that is far sharper than anything that can be achieved with wet silver halide paper, and it will ultimately be this inherant ultra sharpness of the inkjet process that will cause you problems. Even if you don't have your images as sharp, the very nature of ink on paper will make them too sharp. Saturation etc you can control fairly easily.

My advice would be that if you want 'wet' look prints, get wet prints made, but from a place that does not have the machine set up so that everything looks too digital.


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