Sigma 17-70mm vs Tamron 17-50mm for my new Kr

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Re: Sigma 17-70mm vs Tamron 17-50mm for my new Kr

Zigadiboom wrote:

Thanks all for the input. Based on what I have read I think I'll just stick to the Sigma 17-70mm for the time being and see how that goes.

They are both good lenses, I like the speed of the Tamron 17-50mm some like the range of the Sigma. I would not beat yourself up over the choice simply range v speed.

I'd pick speed but that's me

I probably need to play around with this combination a bit more because for some reason(most likely due to my limitations) my Olympus e410 with the 14-42mm is taking noticeably sharper photos than my Kr with the 17-70mm. When shooting macro the 17-70mm is as sharp as the Oly 14-42mm but for anything else it seems to be a little of the pace. I'm aware the 14-42mm is quite a good kit len but I would have though the sigma 17-70mm would be at least as good. Any recommended setting in relation to AF. I have it set on AFS with centre point only. Not sure if this is causing focus issues.

Check your AF and you can make an adjustment if needed. Low kelvin light can cause problems on the K-r for AF accuracy (front focus)

Lastly what is a good third tiltable flash that is compatiable with this camera. Looking at the $150-$250 mark if possible.

I'd go for a Metz 50 AF-1 if you can make the next step up the 58 AF-2 is a superb flash

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