The new D3200 or D5100 .

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Re: The new D3200 or D5100 .

I've got a D5100 now, having upgraded from a D40.

I could have go the D7000 or D300, but I'm a recreational photographer and nothing that either camera offered was worth the extra $1000, nor the additional bulk and weight (which is important because I travel a lot).

I love the extra resolution and dynamic range. I love the image quality. I love that it's in a compact package that fits my small hands. All my lenses (three of them) are AF-S or equivalent so the lack of in-camera motor is academic.

If I was buying again today I'd still buy the D5100 because the D3200 isn't available yet, and you can't take any sort of photo with a camera that you can't yet buy. If I was buying in a couple of months, I'd wait and see how they compare for real before deciding.

(ETA - I learned photography on a Nikon FM2. I don't need not stinking features...)
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