Sad state of Pentax on this forum

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My suggestion

I would suggest making a third forum and putting the K-r and its successor, the Q, and the K01 in it. And renaming this forum the K-5. I have a K-r. It's really all I need. I don't own the K01 but find it very interesting and enjoy posts about it. I don't post often because there are so many K-5 posts. Yes, it is a great camera. Yes, it is at an attractive price. But I chose to buy myself a Nikon 7100 (great macro camera), a Canon G12 (good proven lens), and Topaz Adjust. I needed and wanted versatility. Along with my aging Nikon DSLRs and lenses and my 6 month old K-r and lenses, this is all I need. I am not putting down the K-5 or its owners. I just don't connect with them and thus I don't post much, if at all any more, either here or the "other" Pentax forum at the other site.

Since I own Nikon, Canon, and Panasonic as well as Pentax, I read and occasionally post in a lot of forums. There is a lot of hero worship and gusto for a well deserved DSLR, the K-5, but personally it doesn't interest me right now. And I have a hard time understanding why the K-01 would not be welcome here. I don't personally care if it "belongs" or not. Graciousness is far more important to me in choosing a forum to belong to than separating out who should post where because of what they own.

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