5D mk2 + EFs 55-250mm is !!!!!!?

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Re: 5D mk2 + EFs 55-250mm is !!!!!!?

jvkelley wrote:


Fantastic JV, just the sort of info I was looking for. Though not FF, very interesting (+ slightly scary - chopping the end off!)

Jørn - I actually have a V nice 70-210 3.5 that I use and love and have owned a 70-200 f4L (but sold it because my 70-210 is so good)

I'm not really asking whether people think it is something I should do or not, just trying to find out what would happen if I did it! Curiosity really.

Plus the fact that I know that someone out there must have tried it!! Cos people do mad things like this all the time on the internet (see link above!)

Thanks for all the info so far.
Anyone else? I'd love to find someone who has used one on a 5D or 1Ds camera.
I really need to know if any damage will be done to the mirror in the camera(?)

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