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Lamest post, maybe ever [Re: Can't you people move on?]

This is definitely one of the lamest posts in the forum for a while.

Such a shame, coming from a person pretending to live up to higher standards for a long time.

Detail Man wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Tedolph is dead.

Living proof of death after life.

A lame attempt at irony.

Stop talking about him;

Stop talking, then ?

A lame attempt at bullying.

Stop referencing him;

It's a no-brainer, that.

A lame attempt of disgracing someone.

and he will go away.

Not so far ...

A lame attempt at irony, again.

Let him rest in peace.

Peace is in your own hands.

Don't want to comment on this suggestive BS.

What are you trying to say "Detail Man?"

That Tedolf has been useless all the way along?
This man tried to give the best of himself.

Maybe you tried, too.

But I can assure you, the "contributions" I've seen from you so far are no better than his.
How would you like to be scrutinized just like him?
I can do that.

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