I Rented One to Compare -Part 1

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Re: Here's a comp I did last night

mattr wrote:

Different demosaicing algorithms obviously still affect the amount of false color in the output. It is tradeoff between

The color information has been lost, there is no false or right color behind that point.

The D800 is better because it has more pixels.

No. It mainly depends on the relation of sampling frequency to spatial frequency of subject detail (and of course on the strength of the AA filter and lens performance).

... and that depends on the number of pixels mainly (same format, same lens, no smudges on the lens, etc. - if I miss something, somebody will correct me).

We are just seeing a confirmation why more than 21/22 mp is useful in real life shooting. Aliasing, when is a problem, does not disappear so easily with downsizing. It needs a relatively strong AA filter to fight it, and that hurts resolution more than the numbers 21 or 22 mp suggest. The 800D clearly produces better 21 mp files.

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