World misses the point with K-01

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Re: World misses the point with K-01

MaxIso wrote:

im not sure anybody should say who the k-01 is targeted at. if pentax isnt saying it im not buying it, the speculation that is. the first link specifically says its made for p&s and cell phone users, but i have a dslr and im going to get either the k-01 or the k5. i think some people have preconceived ideas of what they think cameras should b for, and when something comes along that doesnt fit they write a page like that.

cameras take pictures, and some capture video. it shouldnt matter what they look like, or how the camera captures the light. mirrorless, slr, slt, as long as it writes a picture to the card, who cares? IQ is the most important aspect to me. ergonomics is number 2. i am able to capture memories of my family that i will keep forever, i dont mind getting great pics with a non perfect camera.

id rather take great photos with an ugly camera, than ugly photos with a great looking camera.

Sure, it is a generalization, and there are other users who would be drawn to this camera for their own reasons. But the author generalizes around some rather astute observations from my point of view, and he makes a very convincing case for himself further confirmed by anecdotal blog posts from people within the demographic he writes about. If you look at blog posts of people who got Q, they also represent interesting demographic.

Pentax is thinking outside the box with both cameras and I applaud them for that.

I am a bit of a different demographic for K-01 myself. I had always used (D)SLRs in the past. But ever since I got hold of E-330, I was done with them. I know, E-330 is still a DSLR but I used it only with LiveView. My K200 was languishing since and I was going to sell it along with all of my Pentax glass and invest more in micro 4/3 system I have when K-01 came out. So now I have K-01, and I will still be selling K200 but I am keeping all the lenses. That's how Pentax retained me.

I can't be the only former (D)SLR user who will never buy a DSLR again, can I :-)?

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