Licensing Event Photos - No Release?

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Re: Interesting indeed.

slowhands wrote:

"In my recent case I set two conditions for the use of the photograph. One was that the firm and its client indemnify me against any judgement and provide a legal defense for me in the event of a lawsuit from the subject in the photo."

"The other was that they provide me with a copy of the release that they obtained from the subject. Why both? I like to have a belt and suspenders holding up my pants when the occasion warrants it."

Just shot images which will be included in an event newspaper, smiling happy interacting people whom I spoke with AND explained what/where they might be used, no objections by any I approached. I had asked in my initial exchange with the client whether individuals in the images needed to be identified and was told no. I was prepared to bring a digital voice recorder, to at least record names and agreements but the client said they were not necessary as their usage is editorial. Now I'm not so sure, as the publication is being provided under contract to the location who provides it to the attendees, and, the publication certainly will be favorable to the location. Hummmmm!!

While one can never be completely assure that they are shielded from a law suit, I thing an event newsletter is editorial in nature. Favorable to the location is not promotion in itself.

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