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Re: Looked at the example.

Hey Guys,

I just want to say how much I am grateful for your replies, its a horrible thing when you feel you have something going wrong, i'm still at a slight cross roads as of what to do 100% but I did go after reading all your comments, down to my local Calumet photographic store and ask to do some tests with my 24mm on a 5D Mark3, here are the shots i took, please don't think you'll see anything interesting here only pieces of focus etc,

(please note the amount of images of the same thing is to prove consistency, I took these very fast recomposing and refocusing, giving the camera a chance to screw up, I did not use continuous drive at all,

(All shots are full resolution, and have been untouched and exported from Lightroom. !i=1827270507&k=DND5ffK

as you can see the first shots of the case, the camera came in, I focused at the hoop and then the corner, i'm impressed, I always focused and then recomposed to put pressure on to the test, next you see my own camera, I focused on the focus diameter, as you can see, spot on as good as it gets i'm assuming, (Id also like to say, I used center spot focus and one shot for everything I took today, Next you see the poor girl assistant who was great while I took some frames of her eye, again, im impressed as most are spot on, even her lashes are crisp in some, most of these shots of the girl all landed focus, only about 2 where slight soft around the eye, but she did move sometimes and so did i, the next as of the shop itself, not at 1.4 of course, the small black chair was my focus point at first, then the guy walked in and the last shot I focused on him high iso at the end, 2000 iso to get at least a 60th to hold, my tests where also to find if this camera is soft, not at all, in my eyes, and I am very fussy,

back to some corners of plastic and most are spot on, again framing to an extreme edge of frame, results were good,

back to the girl, about 2 feet away, I didn't expect these to be good at 1.4 I would assume this is what I get at that distance, its a shame they cant be sharper, this is a great distance to try and be shallow at, I have to say, even though this whole post is about a 1.4 aperture, I never shoot like this, but I may want too, and this is my argument,

moving on to the assistants hands/nails, even 1.4 from that distance was great, for every picture I dialed up the aperture, as you can see if you take the time, the main finger will get sharper and sharper,

so my test proves what, hmm I believe you need good auto focus for fast lenses, and when I say good, I mean pro auto focus, this cameras AF rarely missed at 1.4, of course the distance has to be fairly near to be sharp of course, but with my 5D Mark2 i would of liked to see how many of the same shots I would of missed,

This has been interesting, the very bad soft images of the 5D3 at the launch of the camera, has now been cleared, was that happening with early prototype models, i will never know, but this camera I had, was as sharp as my 5D2 and that's what I always wanted,

and of course the lens test, AF, is very very nice, I felt confidant with this camera, and if I had to take a fast shot at 1.4 i walk off knowing if got decent focus, with my 5D2 id have to take 5 minimum,

thanks again for all your help,

comments are welcome

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