V1 goes to Lapland

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Is it just me?

...or are those images not simply stunning!!! Wow - awesome. Thanks for sharing those.

Lasse Eisele wrote:

I had purchased the V1 specifically for hiking and my expectations were rather high.
So, how did it fare? Well, not too great, to be honest.

1) We all know that LCD screens are difficult to read in bright sunlight. But I didn't know that even a good EVF is almost unusable in very bright sunlight, particularly in combination with snow. In short: it was very difficult to see anything at all in the viewfinder (and I didn't even wear sunglasses most of the time). It was pretty much like shooting from the hip.


2) The camera doesn't like cold weather. I have used lots of different cameras on my winter hikes and have never had any problems with any of them. But the LCD on the V1 went blank after a few hours outside. I could still shoot, but I found it very worrying and annoying. The camera recovered after a few hours in the hut, but the same ting happened the next day. No such problem with the S95.

Also interesting!

3) The camera is almost impossible to operate with gloves on.

Yup - I figured as much.

4) This is nothing new, but it's very frustrating that you have to check your settings all the time. The mode dial is never where I want it when I pick up the camera and the aperture settings are all over the place.

What do you mean by the aperture settings all over the place. What mode were you shooting in?

Anyway, some of the images came out well, I think. Image quality is good and the 30-110 is a gem. Here are a few pics, all handheld and taken with V1+30-110 unless otherwise noted:

Like I said, those images are stunning. I think the V1 is forgiven all if it's sins LOL!

I'd love to see your S95 shots as well if you have any available.



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