x-trans sensor and yellow/green tint of X-Pro1

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Re: x-trans sensor and yellow/green tint of X-Pro1

EasyClick wrote:

Bayer: 18 Green, 9 Red, 9 Blue (50/25/25 %)
X-Trans: 20 Green, 8 Red, 8 Blue (56/22/22%)

Would that affect Channel resolution at all? I know color balance would be adjusted automatically but wouldn't that explain why photos at high ISO (low light) seems to have a yellow/green tint compared to conventional bayer sensor?

That would be true of the RAW demosaicing program didn't know anything about the way the sensor was made up, or if it were a poorly designed algorithm, but that's probably not the case.

It would partly also explain why the

sensor is so good at high ISO since green color is easily more reflective hence better detected than other colors (This is why they use green screen in visual effects, it's easier to light).

I don't think the difference between 56% and 50% is going to be a big deal — but it is done for better low-light sensitivity in both cases, not because green is more reflective but because the human eye is much more sensitive to green light.

My question is, that 3% loss in Red and blue detectable in photos? For example, in Steve Huff photo comparison, the red and blue channel of the OMD seems to be stronger than the x-pro1 (so far I love what's coming out of the X-Pro1 but I thought I'd still raise the issue).

Other factors are likely to be significantly more important — 3% isn't much at all. Blue is already significantly noisier, since in common lighting situations it requires more amplification for neutral color balance. A tiny bit more of a boost isn't going to make much of a difference.

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