D800 vs one of mine 5dmk2 100iso and shadow noise

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Re: D800 vs one of mine 5dmk2 100iso and shadow noise

None of the Nikon fanboys here is a photographer. Otherwise, by now, they'd have taken a great high dynamic range shot that could be taken only with the D800 and published it here. How? They'd have encountered some potentially great shot that came out poorly with their previous cameras because of lack of dynamic range, and they would go back now and retake the shot and post it here.

Instead we get these snapshots of household bric-a-brac and learned treatises on sensor read noise. It means that the posters here are simply gearheads with too much cash and time on their hands, and a unerasable need to justify their purchases to the rest of us.

Take a look at these photographs taken by a lowly 7D.

When you can come here with photographs like that, then come here, and you'll get a respectful audience. Otherwise, frankly, you are simply a waste of time and a drag on this forum, and actually, any other forum as well.

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