Licensing Event Photos - No Release?

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Re: Licensing Event Photos - No Release?

Denis of Whidbey Island wrote:

Interesting, but it seems to me that case law would be more definitive than anecdotal examples settled out of court. I'm pretty sure that there are a range of factors that help determine when an individual has legal grounds to control use of his/her image.


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There are a range of factors well established in the courts. They are recognizable person, advertising use, and trade use with editorial use being exempt and public display being questionable when done on the web as it can be argued that some web uses are not not promotional even when done by a commercial entity because the public display may not be promotional. The OP stated promotional use, and that fall under advertising.

When you get sued it makes not difference whether the suit was based on case law or theory. You have been sued. So anecdotes can illustrate what can happen as well as case law.

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