What you need versus what you want, and what you have.

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Re: What you need versus what you want, and what you have.

My first digital DSLR was the 7D from the beginning of its release.

It is a great camera but i missed the higher (better) ISO and FF from the 5D MK II.

Especially after i bought my two Carl Zeiss lenses (50 and 21mm) i missed an FF sensor.

So i sold my 7D and i am still waiting (for 6 weeks now) on my 5D MK III.

I think its a great camera despite all the negative stories about light leak and what so ever.

I go for it paying €3299 (which is still al lot of money) for this camera but i think it's worth it and it will give me great pleasure in continiuing my photography hobby.

If you don't like it regardless what reason, by a Nikon and have fun with it, like i will have with my 5D MK III.

Liberty555 wrote:

With so much strong resentment in the forum of late, I thought I'd break it down really simply and get back to basics...

Please refraim from flaming, trolling or cross posting. Lets just remain civil for a bit. Also please refrain from trying to impose your financial limitations on this purely technical post. There is no such thing a the perfect camera, so lets put childish taunts aside.

I'll start it off... I've had a 7D since it was first released.

What I need(ed) was a Canon 7D. Great AF, great frame rate, great IQ, great handling, ergonomics, weathersealing, viewfinder, capability and build. I've used it non stop in literally rain, hail and shine. Is been great, has never let me down. It can do more than I'd ever ask of it.

What I want(ed) was a Canon 7D with a full frame sensor.

What I have is a Canon 5D Mark 3.

I'm very very happy and honestly think it is encouraging me to further explore photography. Its been a personnal renaissance and I'm enjoying it.

Now I can confidently put my hand on my heart and say there is nothing in this email to invite ridicule, hurt or attack - please do me and others here the courtesy of maintaining the tone for this post. I genuinely want to know what you use, have used and want to use - regardless of Brand/Model.

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