D200 low milege or D300

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Re: D200 low milege or D300

19paul67 wrote:


Thanks everyone, i have gone for the D200, i have started using it. it is a big step up for me. All the extra features i have over the D40x make it worth it in itself. i hope to upgrade again in about 6 Months so this will be a good starter for me. i want to get an all round lens now so i am thinking of a 18-200, the Nikon is so expensive though so it could be the Sigma!!!


Congratulations on the D200, before leaping out and buying another kit type lens with limited depth of field capability and annoying distortions at the wide end. You now have access to the screw driven lenses that can give you near state of the art photos like the AFD 50 1.4 or 50 1.8, then the 80-200 2.8's these lenses will allow you to experiment have fun, and then be sold, often for more than you paid for them. Many of the AF non D lenses work really well and the quality of their optics is immediately apparent, they come from a time when Nikkor meant something and would not even be used on their excellent E series.

Exploring Nikkor optics is a big part of owning a Nikon . John

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