Tripods and Monopods??

Started May 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
BeautifulEarth18 Forum Member • Posts: 61
Re: Tripods and Monopods??

I agree that, if at all possible, all expensive camera gear should be taken in your carry on luggage and not checked.

However, my tripod is simply too big to fit in my carry on gear along with all my other camera equipment. By the time I've got the camera, lenses and accessories in my bag there simply isn't enough room for the tripod. So I've always had no option but to put my tripod on my checked luggage.

3 holidays so far (so a total of 6 flights) and I haven't had a problem (Though customs always make a point of asking what it is if they open my suitcase). I do worry about it getting stolen, more so on the outward journey since I'd hate to be without for my whole holiday but I don't think that tripods are that prone to theft. Expensive looking camera's or lenses would must tempt the hell out of an unscrupulous baggage handler. A bulky metal tripod probably doesn't really grab their interest so much.

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