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Re:Back on track

Sven contacted me (through ebay) very early in the listing to ask if I would ship to Sweden; I said 'yes' and, mainly thanks to Leonard, when Sven put his bid in he didn't get a 'you can't do that!' message.

Sven bid, but was 'sniped' - that's ebay talk, I won't try to explain, but the meaning will probably become clear to those of you who don't already know - by someone from Poland who used an automatic bidding programme to put in a bid at the very last second, with the caveat 'I've placed my bid, but I'm now going off on my holidays for 10 days and if I win I will pay on May 8th'. Cheeky devil.

Fortunately May 8th will be too late - something else I've learned during the saga of this 180/2.5 is that there's a default ebay timing of: pay within 4 days of close of listing; if you don't, seller can open an 'unpaid item' case, and then the high bidder has another 4 days to pay or lose all rights.

Which is where we are at at the moment - the 'unpaid item' is active, and if my man in the mountains doesn't cough up in time, the lens will be off to Sven and will - this will sound a bit soppy - stay within the family. Very much my preferred option.

Another 4 days and I'll let anyone who hasn't died of boredom know how it finally worked out. Having said that, Sven will of course have been the first to know through other channels.

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