What you need versus what you want, and what you have.

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Re: What you need versus what you want, and what you have.

After reading your post it just occurred to me that my passion for cameras plus photography has a lot in common for my interest in bourbon! I am always on the prowl for unique bourbons with some age. Always trying to find the next "greatest" bourbon produced at the "best" distillery! Always comparing these bourbons...

My camera journey took me from Canon 20D to 50D to 5DII to 1D Mark IV to 5DIII. I cannot bring myself to sell the 20D or 50D ( which I use use with 600mm super telephoto). I thought the 5DII would be my back up to the 1D Mark IV now I am thinking the 1D Mark IV will be the back up to the 5DIII but I am having a hard time deciding to sell the 5D Mark II. Now all this has nothing to do with what I need nor taking photographs as I suffer greatly from over-kill. The hobby can take many strange turns and twists. All of this happened as a rusult of putting a stop to my wine hobby (that is buying wine) but some things just do not change! Oh yes, and then there is the bourbon hobby.....What I need and what I have are very differnt things.

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