Firefox 8 available. Colour management now works.

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Re: Yep -- still broken in FF 12 under Windows

malch wrote:

I get my ducks lined up over the course of the next day or so and file a report with Bugzilla. However, I'm not very optimistic that anyone will pick up this particular ball and run with it Problems of this type tend to languish for years.

Someone fixed the Linux version of FF 12, since FF 11 and earlier were broken (although the progressive rendering still worked) as far as how long it took to complete full rendering of that test file.

Now, with Firefox 12 in Linux, that test file works as well as you can expect it to work for a file that size with color management features working OK, too (fully rendered within about 3 seconds), testing it with FF 12 from the community repositories in Mepis 11 (Debian Stable base), FF 12 from the official Ubuntu repositories in Kubuntu 12.04 LTS (just released last week), and in FF 12 from the official repositories in OpenSuse 12.1 using a KDE desktop (12.1 is the latest stable release of OpenSUSE).

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