ZF.2+D700 how to use green focus confirm

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Re: ZF.2+D700 how to use green focus confirm

Oh. I find that its fairly easy to focus at "portrait" length.. i.e. 2-5 meters even without the focus indicator; with the bright VF and f2, images just pop into focus at these distances. The keeper rate reasonable, but, i always fire off a few frames (i do this a lot of the time anyways). I like shooting at f4 as well since that is optimal sharpness.

For 2 metres and below.. it definitely helps to have a tripod and use liveview. There is a HUGE amount of play in the focus ring at these distances (like 3/4 of turn).

I dont think i will be getting a katseye or other focusing aid. If i need to do run and gun type photos, ive got my AF lenses... you definitely need to take you time with the 100/2.

drbean wrote:
Hey Jogger

any update with your new MF lens?

I'd like to get that lens (2/100) but would like to hear how you did w it. How difficult was to learn how to use it and how many keeper shots you are getting? are you hand holding it or using a tripod?
are you using any katz eye prism or similar one?

Jogger wrote:

cool. thanks. its my first ZF.2 (the 2/100), so im still getting the hang of it. going to spend some time tomorrow shooting, for walkaround shots, i think its pretty easy to focus and for more precise things, there is liveview

oneANT wrote:

You use the scroll wheel to select the focus point at at each of these points (how ever many you have set 11 or 51) the green leds on the lower left activates.

Selecting these focus points can be useful sometimes to avoid focus shift at small dof or if its just your preferred way of shooting. I use either/or as it depends on the shot and conditions or the scene or if I'm using a tripod You can have the focus point light up (with the exposure meter) to show which point you are using but its doesn't focus confirm, instead its the green led, always the green led

a6 AF point Illumination: OFF (I have mine off as the lit af point is distracting for manual focus.
a7 Focus Point Wraparound: ON
a8 AF Point Selection: 11 (is what I use) but might use 51 if using a tripod.

f2 Multi Selector center button:Reset. This quickly returns the focus point to the center by pressing the center button on the dial, very useful.

Hope this helps.


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