Tips and tricks for setting up the OM-D E-M5

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Tips and tricks for setting up the OM-D E-M5

Perhaps we can gather some of the non-obvious advice to how to get the most out of the M5's many confusing options. Feel free to add stuff.

Stabilised viewfinder is enabled by turning On the option "Half Way Rls With IS" in Custom Menu C. For allowing you to half-press the shutter to get the stabilised viewfinder even with a magnified view, you need to turn "LV Close Up Mode" to "mode2" in Custom Menu D. You may also want to turn on the IBIS in sequential shooting by setting the "Sequential shooting + IS Off" to "Off" in Custom Menu C.

The functionality of the Multi-Function Button (default is Fn2) can be changed by holding it down and turning a dial. There are four functions: Highlight and Shadow Control, White Balance, Magnify and Image Aspect ratio.

Similarly the different display information overlays (levels, histograms etc.) can be scrolled thru by holding down the Info-button and turning a dial.

Back Focus Button functionality can be enabled in S-AF or MF mode, if you change the AEL/AEF button to mode 3 in Custom Menu A. That makes the AEL/AEF button a back focus button. In C-AF, mode 3 and mode 4 will make the AEL/AEF button start the AF.

Another functionality the AEL button can have is to be a Spot Meter Button . By setting the AEL Metering to the Spot setting, you can use the AEL button to take a spot metering, even if you're in center-averaged or ESP metering mode.

Changing the shutter time limit for Auto ISO can be done by changing the Flash Slow Limit in Custom Menu F. In practice the available range is between 1/30 second to 1/250 second. Note that the camera either use this shutter time or the old 1/equivalent focal length of your lens-rule to determine the shutter time limit, going with whichever is shortest.

C-AF works alright if you use the Vivid picture mode and keep the AF area to 1x1. Turning the Release Priority to On in Custom Menu C is also advisable. Don Parrot discovered this.

One-button bracketing involves the use of the custom modes or MySet. For it to work, you need to make one MySet with your usual non-bracketing preference, and another MySet with your bracketing preferences. For example 7 frame 1/3 EV and Hi-Speed sequential shooting. In your non-bracketing MySet you need to set a button for the bracketing MySet. At present this can only be the Fn1, L-Fn, B-Fn1 or B-Fn2 buttons. This allows you to enter bracketing mode by holding down your chosen button and shooting.

The above method can be used to activate any particular set of presets, for example C-AF + Vivid picture mode + Small Autofocus Area.

Time-lapse is sort of possible by putting the camera in sequential shooting mode and setting the Anti-Shock duration in Custom Menu E. This can be set up to 30 second. For practical reasons, using a lockable remote cable is preferable.

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