White Orchid + V1/30-110 + LR4

Started May 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Wayne N. Veteran Member • Posts: 9,986
Re: White Orchid + V1/30-110 + LR4

Paul Pasco wrote:

Very nice Wayne. I like how you recovered the detail in the white petals and warmed up the background. The vignette is a nice touch too.

Thanks Paul. I think after I apply Stas's suggestion to warm it up, it will be really nice.

I remain happy with my V1 despite all the grumbling and haven't caved to OM-D envy like a few others.

Yes, me too. Regardless of which camera/system is best for someone, the fact remains that the V1 and kit lenses really are quite amazing and are perfect for me, and I'm gonna have plenty of fun with it for quite a while. Throw on top the ability to use my 70-300VR (which will come in very handy for me this summer), and that's just icing on the cake.

I agree that the camera is a lot easier to take along "just in case" than the D50 kit was and it gets the job done better than my FZ28 did, especially in low light.

I could and would hardly ever take the D50 with me. I have the kit in a lowepro slingshot A200, and it just weighs too much. The V1 kit is in a little LightTri D300 bag which I can easily (and do) grab and go. Perfect.



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