I sent my Fuji back :-(

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Re: Returns policy

Just because you "think" something doesn't make it true. Are you saying that you've purchased somethign from Amazon.com that was sold as new but was in fact used?


1. Amazon's return policy benefits consumers and Amazon.com
2. Amazon doesn't sell used merchandise as New

3. If the policy didn't work for both parties (consumers and corporation), they would change it

Buying from a store that offers a return policy then taking advantage of said policy is not selfish (in a bad way). It's refreshing to see a retailer stand beind what they sell.

absentaneous wrote:

I also believe that this return policy thing is a stupid idea and so often it's simply unfair to those who make their purchase only after they make double sure that they are going to spend their money on something they really want.

of course I'd have no problem with this policy if the returned goods were then marked as such and not just re-sold as brand new. but based on my experience that does happen a lot though. and that's not fair. it's not fair that I get used stuff just because some people are too lazy or too stupid to not be able to get themselves informed about what they are buying. after all everyone can go to the local store and check things out in person if that's what they really want.

and people who use this policy on the basis that the thing was "not perfect for them" is just plain selfish and spoiled. you made a mistake, be a man and live with it and not ruin it for others because you were too lazy to check things out better. out of the last three purchases I made on the internet 2 of them were already used. and I had to bother to send them back and look for buying them elsewhere and I wasted time for what?

and here we have a guy who for almost one month was happily shooting with his brand new camera until he figured out it was not perfect for him. what a joke.

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