New NEX5n: Depth of Field and Focus Question

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Re: New NEX5n: Depth of Field and Focus Question

KJRitchie wrote:

Thanks for everyone's replies. I guess I wasn't aware of how close I was to the subjects which resulted in narrow depth of fields.

Here is a photo I took trying to see if I could get the foreground and background in focus using f16. Maybe the shutter speed is too slow at 1/100. I can't remember if the ISO was set to 100 or Auto and I can't remember if I focused on the tree or the Bluebonnets. The DOF calculator states I should have focus from about 2.5 feet to infinity yet when I look at the photo at 100% the tree doesn't seem that sharp.


What you see in the calculator is a field of acceptable sharpness. It is not a field where the sharpness is same across.

In this case, you might also experienced slight motion blur, caused by wind in the tree.You have also to think of who and from which distance will look at your photo.
But I believe you are starting to get the grip on DOF.
Just remember, quality of the lens has nothing to do with it.

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