Considering the Carl Zeiss 24mm

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Re: Considering the Carl Zeiss 24mm

Any more thoughts on this 24mm F1.8 for an existing NEX owner (5n in my case) or X100 comparison? Have recent X100 firmwares changed the situation at all?

I will soon be getting rid of my slr gear (D700 + lenses (most) and strobes), but want a 35mm equivalent that is relatively fast. Currently I use an AIS 24mm F2.8 with adapter on my 5N.

The 24mm 1.8 is a slightly smaller combo than the nikon, but sill quite disproportionate (compared to x100). Faster and has nicer Bokeh than nikon. NEX has super MF options.

The X100 has manual controls that I will miss from my slr, The images out of it do look nice. Lighter, more proportionate....cheaper and available. And looks like interesting thing to use.

edit, I do like a bit of landscape occasionally...which is better for that? I hear the 24mm 1.8 isn't so strong (although not bad) in that area.


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