Which RAW converter to use for NEX?

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you're fighting LR4 import like I originally did

cxsparc: I tried LR but really hated the import thing...I first copy my shots onto a directory and sort good from bad.

Not a bad description of what LR4.1rc2 Adobe Lightroom 4.1 release candidate 2's import function does, with the added interest that you can "sort good from bad" in the same step as the import.

Cxsparc, try to overcome any initial negative reaction to Lightroom's mandatory pre-editing import step. With familiarity it becomes more and more usable (hmm super fast CPUs and solid state disk drives also make it more usable). As John Bean's pointed out, you can even apply some kind of standard edits (quick presets) to your photos as you import them.

Did you notice that you can run the import in at least 2 ways? One way is where it says how many photos it's gonna import, without showing you any thumbnails. The other way to do the import is click on the little down arrow, and have LR4 reveal to you thumbnails, from which you can pick and choose what to import. Didn't know about that 2nd way of importing and quick-presets until recently, illustrating the big mistake of forming opinions about Lightroom 4 without looking at all the training videos

and the latest stuff on version 4.1 (release candidate 2) color fringing correction


cxsparc: Lightroom is cheaper but can't do the postprocessing PS allows.

Well the 2 programs are perfectly complementary, they don't compete. Consider that there are all kinds of features to switch you into PhotoShop automagically for a single image, while your overall controlling session for the image batch is in Lightroom.

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