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Re: First timer

I agree, it would also give me better select focus too. My decision was effected by these factors:

Two very demanding and tough coaches on either team that does not want their fencers photographed or distracted (i got clearance from the head coach and stealthily went about 15 feet and diagonally behind the judge/director (I'm the asst coach as well so i got a free pass) So basically I had to stay out of the line-of-sight of the fencers

This is HS fencing so no forward x-over, no fleching so I wouldn't have been able to get an overly dramatic shot. So i went for the broad angle.

There were no grand standing and no Sabre so the sudden stop cuts and screams were null.

So I took the best 45/60 degree angle. i was pleasantly surprised I was able to get some details of faces through the mask. Their was absolutely no sunlight and the lights were 90-100ft up and recessed

These images are only 600pixel tall to protect the privacy of the subjects, I could do a lil more post for contrast and sharpness. These were basically OoC JPGs.

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