OM-D buyer's remorse

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Re: OM-D buyer's remorse

Yeah, I admit I'm conflicted about my E-M 5 purchase. I just posted a longer version of this on the "Kubler-Ross" thread, but here's the topline: I've had my E-M 5 for two weeks and have had a chance to try it out on all the kinds of photography I usually do. It's nice.

But if I were allowed to keep ONLY the E-M 5 or my Panasonic GH2, I'd keep the GH2 and send back the E-M 5. (Unfortunately, I've used it too much to return it for a refund.)

I love the E-M 5's look, feel, and build, and its image quality is fine for my needs. But everything it does is just a bit more sluggish than doing the same things on the GH2: powering up, adjusting exposure, viewing, and post-shot review.

If I were an outdoorsy, contemplative shooter, none of this would matter and I'd probably love the E-M 5. But my photos depend pretty heavily on peak action, and using the E-M 5 makes me feel as if I'm running on two hours of sleep and half a bottle of cough medicine, compared to the right-now responsiveness of the GH2.

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