Amazon UK D800 Delivery Tomorrow (Monday 30th)

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Re: Amazon UK D800 Delivery Tomorrow (Monday 30th)

adamlambert wrote:

thomas2279f wrote:

Congrats,, i'm no 5th in the Q at Matthers of Lancashire to get my D800 hope it comes soon - probably still on container ship near the Bay of Biscay.

This doesn't make me feel any better - you're 5th and I'm 30th. What hope do I have if they've received only 4 cameras in 6 weeks? I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I'll scour the shops for one at £2599 and then sell the Mathers one when it arrives at whatever I can get.

I was hoping that they would have had something from Nikon by now...

Hmm... That probably explains why they don't list the D800 any longer.

I rang a shop local to me today to enquire about a D800E only to find out two things -

1) D800E only available through Nikon Pro dealers
2) They had a D800 in stock and on the shelf. (Charles Eagle - Sunderland)

Cue a dilemma - buy the D800 they had or wait for Mathers to come through? What would you do? I bought it of course.

I made a few more enquiries and found out quite a few more interesting things.

  • Charles Eagle (bricks and mortar type shop) had had a steady supply of cameras from Nikon and seemed able to get them pretty much on demand.

  • They (CE) had sold about 5 D800 so far.

  • They had never had any enquiries about D800E before.

I also contacted Jacobs in Newcastle, a pro Nikon dealer, to ask about a D800E. Interestingly they had never been asked for a D800E either. I placed an order for one with them but they could get no idea from Nikon when it may be available.

So, current situation is that I have a D800 (battery on charge); I am 30th on the pre-order list at Mathers at £2099 and I am first on Jacobs Newcastle pre-order list for a D800E.

Question is what to do next? Buy them all and sell the ones I don't want to keep (I can only afford one D800 derivative). Cancel D800E order and enjoy what I have (most likely course of action).

Charles Eagle asked me why had I not contacted them sooner and I explained about my order at Mathers and the price they had committed to. They commented that was less than Nikon sell the cameras to dealers for and that it most likely would be an import. They really couldn't understand how they could possibly sell at that price. So far as I can tell, so far they have not sold at that price.

Final snippet - where dealers had pre-orders at less than the increased UK price, the dealer has to inform Nikon of the customer name and address before Nikon will release the camera to the store. The store must then process the order at list price (£2599) with Nikon and claim back the £200 difference.

I hope Mathers come through but I have lost patience. It was surprisingly easy to find a D800 away from the internet retailers. One call was all it took.

Time to go play.


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