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I still love the low light of a D700 and the look of MKII. But I personally feel Fuji bested both with the XP1 + lenses. With different lenses on, it's a different story. Something about that color and their design choices that affect OOF, NR, etc. Just a very well incorporated and coherent camera that also, and probably most importantly, was designed to give a certain character. I haven't seen it in anything else (although certain lenses can make certain camera's images look very unique).

And their attention to the film simulations hasn't been bested, IMO. I've tried many a various simulations in PP and don't get the results I do here.

You're right, the D800 does seem more like a baby-step from the D700, unless you need extra pixels (and some do). I was generally happy at 12, more than happy at 16, and am amazed at 16 - AA filter. Oh, + great lenses.

CriticalI wrote:

RealXenuis wrote:

very interesting about the D800. I hadn't thought of it that way.

I should thank Nikon UK for yanking the price up £200 and p:ssing me off

Mind you Fuji just brought the price of the XP1 down £120 after I bought it!

But the D800 is a classic case of the uber-camera - yes it does everything but I just don't want it on the street (and I really am not likely to print large enough to need 36MP).

Will see how Fuji's lineup progresses. If they add sensor-based PDAF as promised the XP2 could be quite a camera, and my D700 may be able to retire gracefully.

But right now, for what I need it for, it is just great and I love it.

CriticalI wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

CriticalI wrote:

The Fuji does not compete with SLRs. It's a second camera that will allow you to shoot certain scenes at least as well as an FF SLR, but at a fraction of the size and weight. However it will not do everything, it just some things very very well.

Very well said. I have a real problem with the size, bulk, weight of a DSLR system and the IQ of the OMD is more than adequate for most of my shooting, so m43 is my primary all-around system. And the Fuji is my specialty camera for really no compromise IQ and very low light (although the OMD does a lot better in low light than any m43 I've used to date and is really good enough most of the time). The way it works is for just general walking around and shooting, I generally use the Fuji, but with the OMD always ready to pull out for a shot needing a longer or wider lens, or a series of shots where I might need a zoom. And the OMD is now my go-to street shooting camera, so when I'm in a busy urban area, I tend to lean on it more. So they take turns being primary and specialty cameras, but both get used a lot. If I had a DSLR system I was happy using, I probably wouldn't have the m43 system but would probably still have the Fuji as my smaller walk-around camera...

It's funny - I don't mind the bulk and weight of my D700 when I am using it in it's element which for me is shooting gigs. A fast zoom and rapid accurate low light AF, very quick responses and lots of advanced options makes it a perfect tool because it is more or less foolproof once you understand it.

But when I am wandering around in a new city looking at the sights and photo opportunities, the D700 is a lump. 90% of its function and performance is unused. It's like driving a Ferrari in traffic.

The Fuji is small, light, discrete and makes wonderful detailed images with no distortion and no moire. It is fantastic for urban and landscape work, as well as candid photography and the results (with a bit of practice) are simply out of this world. My D700 does not compete on IQ.

So for me, I have two perfect cameras, each master of its element and pretty useless out of it Will I buy a D800 one day? Probably not. It's advantage over the D700 is almost covered by the Fuji (resolution and DR). Two cameras gives me more options than one camera that does everything.

Actually, make that three. I have a Nikon J1 as well. It is blinding for small prints and video and its my snapshot camera par excellence. Anything I want to post on the web or just document for posterity I can use it for. I am very unlikely to even attempt to take serious video on a DSLR, but the J1 is small enough to make it perfectly viable as a stand-in video camera.

I am quite loath to part with any of them, but if I had to keep one only......it would be the Fuji. Simply because its the one I actually enjoy using the most - by far - and I really can take it with me anywhere.

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