OM-D. Anybody found batteries?

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The factory Charger won't work

I ordered a 3 pack last night from this ad

I received this email shortly ago

Dear valued customer,

Very sorry sir,before we sent the battery to you,our colleagues in the

inspection department find that this battery can't charged by your original

charger,but can put the battery into your camera charged by AC adapter,or use

our Band charger.The battery work well in camera,can show battery level.
In order to solve the problem, we can give you a $8.99 charger for free

ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT& trksid=p3984.m1559.l2649#ht_4132wt_1185

I apology for the inconvenience bring for you.

I decided to ask them to cancel the deal as i don't want to drag around 2 chargers. Also the factory one has 5 contact pins compared to only 2 on theirs.

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