Nikon D7000 overexposure is very real.

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Re: Nikon D7000 overexposure (in Jpeg) is very real, it's set to do so

perry rhodan wrote:

You are very right on this. The D7k is (said to be) set to "expose for RAW". Giving more light to get the most out of the RAWS because it clips HL less intrusive. Meaning the jpegs also get this standard 0,3 to 0,6 to much. Sadly it's not entirely consitent, so dailing compensation is not the remedy.

It is inconsistent in Matrix metering mode because the mode is programmed to evaluate exposure based upon light patterns in the frame. The matrix is set to give more exposure based upon the focus point. That is logical since it is normally where the important subject is. If that area has darker tones than other parts of the image the lighter tones are going to be even more overexposed than usual. If the focus point tones are lighter the overexposure is going to be less in the other areas. You can get around that by using the AE button to lock exposure based upon one point and the shutter button to lock focus only on the selected focus point. That is how I shoot when I have the time to do it. I use spot or center weighted metering for determining exposure and lock focus independently. With little time I just shoot center weighted mostly.

Of course I shoot almost entirely in RAW so none of this bothers me, but a jpeg shooter who wants the best out of the camera result is better off with a different model.

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