Leaving the Fold

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Leaving the Fold

It's been great, really, it has - my GRD II was a wonderful introduction to Ricoh, and every other GRD/GX that I've had from then until now (my current being the wonderful GRD III) have been pure photographic fun.

But I'm quitting. I have ordered a Sigma DP2x. I had the DP1 previously, but sold that on again quickly - and now, I'm yearning for exactly the thing that made me sell the DP1 prematurely. Operation speed. With the DP1, everything felt slow. To me, slow, in retrospective, means considered, visualised, intentional - taking just one photograph felt like an intimate process between photographer and camera, camera and subject, photographer and subject.

The GRD III is one of the fastest guns in the west - just holding the camera, it feels like it needs to take photograph upon photograph - it does this very well, extraordinarily well, all of the time. But I need to slow down - photography is becoming less enjoyable by the day; I want to take twelve photos a day, a week, perhaps, and really enjoy them, and savour everything about taking them, than fire off three, four, five hundred shots in a couple of hours, and then sort through for keepers.

I know, I could slow down with the GRD, but as I said, it doesn't feel like a camera that would let me - it's made for the frantic lifestyle; the city-dwelling, alley-darting, capturing pace, excitement, tension. Perhaps I'm being whimsical, but in the two and a half years since I've been GRD shooting, it doesn't feel like I've slowed down once. Photography used to be that slow-down; those hours to myself, me and the camera - with the GRD, I never seemed to make time to photograph explicitly; rather, I'd photograph as life carried on. I want an hour in the day to say, "I'm stopping for an hour; I'm going to photograph..".

Perhaps I'm being overly romantic about it, and I apologise for that, and I apologise that this post may not be to everyone's tastes, and perhaps it's rather pointless, but my thoughts here are simply musings, that perhaps echo the thoughts/sentiments of others, or clash completely.

It's been fun from the get-go, and I hope everyone here continues to enjoy their GRDs as much as I have. I've made three books (very soon to be four) with the cameras, but for now, I'm having that all round life break.

I'll probably be back to the Ricoh party, but for now, happy photographing, everyone!

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