Slightly disappointed with GF3

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Re: Slightly disappointed with GF3

rezaf_2000 wrote:

So here are my impressions and comparison to an old E-P1, hoping that it might help others to decide whether to buy this camera.

GF3 doesn't feel as small as I was hoping for. I was hoping the GF3+14 could replace my S90. I was of course under no illusion that it could be as pocketable, but I was hoping for something tangibly smaller and lighter than my E-P1. Alas, GF3 is the same depth, almost the same height (a few mm smaller) and only about 10mm smaller in width. Not much difference here. It also feels heavier than it should be. It's not too heavy, but it doesn't feel lightweight either (also see the point above about its grip sculpture). I'd say maybe 50-60 grams lighter than the E-P1, but in use it doesn't show.

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Really? Not sure what is the point of your GF3 review after it has already been replaced by the GF5 or a not too subtle attempt to curb sales of the very popular GF3? After handling both EP1 and GF3 in stores I would say your description is deceiving as the EP1 is definitely is and feels larger in every respect The GF3 is already just about the smallest m4/3 product which some feel is already too small. You say the GF3 is too heavy even though it is lighter than the EP1 even with an all metal construction versus plastic inner chassis of your EP1 with a metal skin.

But what is most disappointing is that indoors at night, the lack of IBIS really shows. I was hoping that the f/2.5 would save the day (the night ), but not really. Most of my indoor shots with the GF3 and the 14mm f/2.5 are blurry or at least not sharp enough. On the other hand when I put the 14mm on the E-P1, I could easily get pin-sharp photos at 1/8s, while the GF3 really needs at least 1/30s and preferably 1/60. This shows that the E-P1 IBIS is really about 3 stops effective, and it does make a tangible difference.

--While IBIS is great to have it isn't everything and you seem to be stretching to find things at fault. Apparently you primarily take pictures only in dark indoors of stationary objects that don't move? It takes a pretty dark room to not be able to get a good picture at 1/30 speed and ISO 800 and after all with the flash on your GF3 you should be able to get an even sharper picture than with the EP1 which has none? Furthermore your GF3 will accurately autofocus in about 0.1-0.2 sec compared to 1 sec or longer with your EP1 if it can even focus lacking an AF assist light? If you are getting blurry pictures it is likely because you are using only aperture mode rather than shutter mode?

So far, aside from the in-built flash, the old E-P1 is proving to be equal or better in every aspect to the GF3.

--In my opinion the GF3 excellent AF performance and faster operation more than outweighs its lack of IBIS and after all it has OIS in most zoom lenses and results in far less missed shots. Several reviews have compared the GF3s AF and speed of operation more comparable to the EP3.

Don't get me wrong both GF3 and EP1 are very good cameras each with special advantages.

The initial GF5 reviews indicate with its improved sensor and processing to have very good high ISO IQ indeed.

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