When will we see larger BSI-CMOS sensors

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Re: When will we see larger BSI-CMOS sensors

GodSpeaks wrote:

Small sensored compacts are a dying breed. Squeezed on the low end by cell phone cameras and on the high end by mirrorless.

I seriously doubt they are a dying breed, yet. Mid-tier or better cell phone cameras have been good enough for normal happy snaps in good light since about 2008 and certainly from 2009, but phone cameras have not yet "killed" the small sensor compacts. There are two reasons for that: cell phones do not have optical zooms and barring a few exceptions they do not have Xenon flashes, either. Neither feature is unlikely to become standard or even widely available in phone cameras in the foreseeable future, because the current trend dictates that cell phones must be very thin in order to compensate for the ever increasing screen size.

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