D800 - the writing is on the wall?

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Kodak sensor and constant cr^p

John Nollendorfs wrote:


True but I found the reason John.

It is the flock-ish wall linings inside the chamber that sheds the debris. Even after vacuuming, the stuff comes straight back. I will, when I get some (HarHar) spare time either try to remove it and replace with some black velvet ribbon pieces or (will try first to see if any cutoff) temporarily to check, stick the velvet on to the existing. The nature of what is there is such that it seems to just shed bits of rubbish all the time and the action of the mirror and shutter simply encourages the debris to leap back on to the sensor. As you rightly infer - a right old PITA. Constant, too!

I have in my signature a link to how to do the factory clean (mostly thanks to other info) but I did think, when I have time to re-do this, I could do the wall covering at same time when the sensor and back are (mostly) out of the way.

The covering is obviously intended to prevent reflections from the walls. Perhaps even some clear type of paper-type glue that would soak in would do the job as well, without over compromising the reflection situation.

I will report back eventually but as said, I am 100% certain that there is where the problems of debris originate. Even 200% certain! My first trial will be to simply get some of the paper-type glue and use a small brush to coat the existing covering just from opening the shutter for the cleaning process as that should get absorbed and thus hoild the material in a stable condition, without unnecessarily compromising its intended purpose to prevent reflections.


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