headshot lighting ?

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Re: headshot lighting ?

this or that tool is irrelevent when the way the question is asked indicates there is little knowledge on how to use them. using either can give you really bad or really good results, this is why some photogs make great portraits and others made those really bad ones in the basement of churches and department stores.

the first thing you need to learn is what good light looks like, then how to find it.

Unfortunately, many pros have spent lots of time, money and travel to attend workshops and association meetings.

to get to the point you need, here's a simple soft light that can be found almost anywhere.

open a garage door. you don't want sun bouncing off their feet, so think about the time of day. hold your hand in front of you, walk from the brightest light to just when the light starts to fall off. That's your sweet spot. put a chair there, put a background behind them. best to use a tripod. you can use carports, porches. hey if there is a freeway overpass that isn't full of homeless living then you can get a nice softlight on the face, then have the other end give their hair a nice backlight. (shoot at an angle of course so the bright end isn't IN the image.)

in an indoor situation, bounce your lights off a white backwall, a side wall, you want a large soft light source.

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