Light leak fix. No thanks, Canon!

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What's wrong with that fix?

It's a perfect fix, which should have been there in the first place.

And it's a totally normal thing to do. Your camera (and other light sensitive parts) have black tape/foil/whatever in the inside.

Take a look at pictures of disassembled cameras: Its a totally normal procedure.

And furtermore: There are no problems connected to it. How should the tape get damaged? Yust don't think it's walmart duct-tape (but even this would perfectly do well). It even does not need to be adhesive, since the inside of the camera is stuffed, and that stuff will hold the foil in place (and therefore block the light). They could also have painted everything black ... or reduce the manufacturing tolerances and increase the price of the body some hundreds to thousands bucks -- I prefer the tape. Really.

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