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richardplondon wrote:

Toranaga wrote:

Any comments about the slow down issues? Is it gone in 4.1RC?

I am using a - by most standards - underpowered computer with not very much RAM.

For me, LR 4.1 RC2 has been quite a bit more usable than LR4 Beta, LR 4.0, or LR 4.1 RC.

I still get some noticeable delays before the effect of certain edits become visible on screen, but this is no longer so frustrating or unstable as to interrupt me from even using the tools. You get used to it; this is the kind of problem one can either throw a little computational horsepower at, or else a little patience ;).

To Adobe's credit, despite a lot of extra calculation AFAICT under the new process version, the overall performance of 4.1RC2 does not fully reflect that. And it's not as if 3.x was always lightning-fast for me, on the same hardware.


The speed issue is a big concern for me because I shoot weddings and need to process a lot of images fast. So waiting an extra couple of seconds for each image can be a big deal and very annoying. But on the other hand, if I can get a slight improvement in quality that would be sweet. I hope 4.1 final is out soon, then I might have to try it out.

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