D800 Amazing action photos by Fred Miranda

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Re: D800 Amazing action photos by Fred Miranda

I am responding to you not to disagree with you about using the D800 for sports but to put things into perspective or to have Bill Frakes put it into perspective.


Fast forward to 4:40 time marker where he talks about shooting sport back in the day with a 600mm MANUAL focus lens - he mentions that the top 30-40 sports shooters in the WORLD got 70-80% keeper rates using manual focus and this would be with film.

I believe that the Nikon F4 had a motor drive that could do 5 fps and this was what the pros were using to shoot sports. OK maybe Bill was talking about earlier because the F4 had AF.

But I think Bill's point is that these new cameras have really lowered the bar for anyone to become a sports shooter. The buffer on the D4 is almost unlimited - the "buffer" in the film days was 36 images - then you needed to reload. The D800 buffer runs out at about 20-22 shots but it will still clear faster than you could reload film into a camera.

So yes, the D4 is a better suited camera for sports than the D800 but the D800 is still miles better than the film days. So depending on your skill level, you maybe able to get by using a D800 vs. a D4 but certainly less skill is required using a D4 than a D800 to get the shot.

But I do wonder when sport shooters will be making the transition to video and stripping stills out of the video capture with 4K and 5K cameras that are on the market now.

Event_shooter wrote:

Trying to convince anyone that the D800 is a sports Camera is ludicrous.

Can you take a picture of someone doing a sport....you betcha, but that's a far cry from the D800 being a "sports camera"

Sorta like saying you can drive on a freeway just exactly like a Ferrari. and a Porsche.

I have both the D800E and the D4, and the D4 can't do what the D800E does and the D800E can not do what the D4 does. It's that simple. DO they both take pictures, YEP, but it basically ends there.

The D4 and the D800E could not be farther apart from one another.

I knew early on, I could never own just one of these flagship cameras because I shoot at both extremes.

I think I'll do a video with both cameras set up and push the shutter down on both and let everyone see the D800E shut down with a full buffer early on, and the D4 continue on for another 200 shots.

The D4 writes almost instantly. Shoot a burst and by the time you look at the viewer the burst is already done writing to the card. Do the same with the D800E and you will wait, and wait, and wait.

One only needs to realize how many opportunities you miss while you wait, and wait, and wait, and wait for the burts to write on the 800E.

So please people, stop trying to convince people the D800 can shoot sports.....it can shoot people DOING sports, but will never shoot sports, that is the difference.

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